STA CTF - 5v5:
Roster and match history for the Chips' Fun House STA 5v5 CTF

STA 2Fort - 6v6
Roster and match history for the Chips' Fun House STA 6v6 2Fort

UGC CTF - 7v7
Roster and match history for the Chips' Fun House UGC 7v7 2Fort

Happy 4th Birthday Chips' Fun House
Congratulation to our community for reaching the 4th anniversary of our creation, June 27, 2004. A special weekend is planned more.

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Welcome To Chips' Fun House TFC Server
A not so serious place to have some fun   :-)

We are a guild dedicated to community, sportsmanship and above all, fun !

Team Fortress Classic is our passion and what brought us together...our present.
We are beginning to branch out into several different HL2 games and Mods.
We now run servers for TFC, DOD, Digital Paintball, CS:Source, DOD:Source, HL2DM, HL2CTF and Garry's Mod.
As we await Fortress Forever and Team Fortress 2...these mods and others on the
horizon, promise to lead us to our future.
Stay tuned as these exciting new games take us toward that future !!!

* Admin Mod - type: admin_help...for commands you can use
* FoxBots - set at medium level...feel free to abuse them
* Radio Mod - bind a key to "buildradio" your use key for menu
* Roll The Dice - gambling plug-in...see how lucky your are
* StatsMe Plug-in - Say "/rank" or "/top10" for realtime server stats.
* Custom Sounds - type: admin_sound_help...for commands you can use

Mods that can be enabled for extra fun...ask an admin.
* Chicken Mod - Hella funny...and we'll turn you into one if you misbehave
* Fireworks Mod - For very special occasions :)
* Hook Mod - Bind any key to +hook

1) Lameness and stupidity of all kinds permitted...just deal with it. :)
2) No racism, foul language or abuse of any will be perm banned.
3) Custom sprays allowed...offensive sprays of any kind are an immediate ban.
4) Players must have a name...not "player", "newname" or anything offensive.
5) Mics are open to all teams...everyone can talk to everyone.
    NOTE: This will be disabled during play when necessary.
6) DO NOT block the map with the radios. They must not hinder play.
    IF they become a distraction to the game, they will be turned off.
7) Play detrimental to your team not teamshooting, holding flags, etc.

Enjoy your stay at Chips' Fun House TFC Server.
Please Follow these guidelines, and we can all enjoy playing together.
Bring your family and friends, and expand the TFC community.

Donate to the "Fun House" Help us keep TFC alive and well ...and fun !!!

Chips' Fun House - TFC Servers 2007